Meet Kylie

Hi! I’m Kylie and I suffer from severe depression and social/general anxiety.

This is my story.

It all began in middle school. My family was fighting a lot and I just remember being stuck in the middle very often. It was like I had to choose my sister or my parents. It left me in an incredibly vulnerable state where I just wanted to disappear from the world.

Eventually, I would just leave my house and go to my elementary school playground to just cry and listen to music for hours. I wouldn’t come home until I calmed down.

My extended family knew something was going on as they would contact me to make sure I was doing okay. I always told them I was, but in reality I really wasn’t.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that I began feeling suicidal and felt like it was the only option. I self-harmed and I didn’t think anything was going to get better. I struggled with feeling like a zombie — not alive but I was still walking. I would wake up and want the day to be over. It was a vicious cycle.

It wasn’t until a few friends contacted my sister to let them know what was going on. My parents came to speak with me and it wasn’t pretty at first. After arguing about what was happening, I finally got the help I needed and began medication. Though it isn’t for everyone, it helped me get through hard days and I eventually began figuring myself out and what made me happy. I embraced my battle and for that, I’m still alive.

For anyone struggling out there, just know that better days are coming around the corner.




Kylie is willing to support you on your mental health journey. Email her at for additional support! 

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