My "Why"

HI! I’m Jiwon. I suffer from OCD, social anxiety, and depression, all which do not define me as a person, but are shaping me into the person I am becoming. 

Before I received my diagnosis, I was extremely oblivious to the mental health stigma. After visiting doctors to discover why I was dealing with daily fatigue, shaky arms, constant migraines, etc., they discovered that my physical symptoms resulted in a lack of treating my mental health. 

I dropped out of college and work to enter extensive outpatient therapy for approximately three months. Upon graduating from the program, I felt morally obligated to share what I had learned. 

Thus, I created a clothing brand, Uncover Designs, in the hopes of bringing awareness to mental health. With each of my designs, I hope to encourage people to initiate healthier conversations about mental health. Each design is meant to stand out to help people “UNCOVER” what cannot be “SEEN.”